Five Reasons why you might want to wear your baseball cap backwards

by hatrevivalist on January 18, 2010

I wondered why there is a craze of wearing baseball caps back to front and did a bit of research on this. Well here are five answers to get us started:

  • To play catcher in a baseball game.
  • If you are applying for the position of Umpire in baseball.
  • You are making a gesture of defiance (perhaps a gang member?).
  • You want to shade the back of your neck and do not have a French Foreign Legion Kepi handy.
  • You are taking a photograph and do not want the peak to block the lens.

All these reasons have been put forward as reasons why people (young men in particular) wear baseball caps backward. I have even seen caps worn to the side. You might suggest that the wearing of caps in this manner is considered hip. So many young men are wearing caps this way that it has become the norm. If you wear hats the “right” way are you considered to be a geek I wonder?

You can see some great photos of young men with baseball caps in various positions in the latest edition of LifeStyle fitted magazine

I have even seen a baseball style cap with two peaks. It was design against the two perils of sun and rain. The particular cap was for golf and not baseball. We know that golfers like, dare I mention, Tiger Woods wear baseball caps when golfing.

Nobody really knows for sure how this practice of wearing baseball caps backwards actually began. It might have been observed originally on baseball catchers (so that their line of vision is not impaired). Now it seems to be hip and is associated with urban “punk” type gangs. They may not mean to be malicious but even so the wearing of caps this was is banned in some schools I hear.

The back to front habit should not be confused with the inside out practice during a baseball game when your team has fallen behind and nears cheerleading to come back.In this case a more radical approach of turning the cap inside out seems to be employed. This is called the rally cap.

I would like to hear from you. Do you have any ideas about why baseball caps are worn back to front?

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