How to make a Victorian/Edwardian Hat

by hatrevivalist on April 4, 2010

This is a great video from Female Impersonator Grae Phillips. Great job this would be a wonderful hat for a local play.

Although Grae describes the hat as a Victorian Hat in the You Tube title it could probably pass for an Edwardian Hat as well . I came across this fun video by chance as I was on a search for things Victorian.

Grae seems to “wear many hats”. She has designed some great dress up games. One of this games is based on the Titanic looks like fun, it’s a murder mystery. Check it out! She also offers beauty products that are primarily aimed at cross dressers and and the male to female transgendered community at large check it out.

Grae is a fellow Canadian from the Montreal area and performs there. Google her she has appeared on a lot of talk shows.

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