Are men ever permitted to wear a hat in Church?

by hatrevivalist on September 24, 2010

A follow up to Hat Etiquette for Men

I received a comment on my post about the etiquette of hat wearing by men. This man has been in the habit of wearing a hat in a Christian Church and a “friend” had sent him a link to my blog post.

First of all, I did not make up these rules and they have developed over time. Yes I know it was different way back when, when everyone wore hats. Please do not shoot the messenger. The contents of the post were drawn from a variety of sources and best efforts were used to represent the etiquette faithfully. Some customs do not really have a logical explanation especially in the context of our current environment.

It is really difficult when some religions call for men’s heads to be covered as a sign of respect (but the type of head covering may be prescribed). Other religious sects require removal of hats as a sign of respect.

In the case of the Christian religion it is my understanding that men are expected to remove their hats (except for the clergy who wear special head gear and the military on duty perhaps and perhaps police at a funeral for a slain officer). This removal of hats is considered to be a sign of respect. Please check out the discussion thread on this Christian site.

There is apparently some scripture based logic for this position. It is difficult to translate the customs and practices of 2,000 + years ago into today but this does not seem to stop the fundamentalists of many religious faiths who often take a literal position. I am not going to debate the merits of this but merely point out these views.

Yes practices can and do develop. I have noticed that young men are wearing hats indoors – especially entertainers – it seems to be the new cool. I actually like this as long as it is not a baseball cap. Better that than no hat at all I say!! Please Michael Moore take note and also please no wearing a baseball hat backwards.

When someone joins a church they give up some of their freedoms. If the congregation interprets custom and scripture to require removal of hats in church this is the rule. An exception might be made for medical purposes. In the final analysis one needs to observe the practices of others in the congregation. Check with your Priest or Minister to see if they are offended by men wearing hats in church.

Women are allowed generally to wear hats in Church. African American women in the USA have developed this practice into an art form – you got to love it! The Catholic Church had required head gear from the Middle Ages but no longer require women to wear hats in Church. Is a baseball cap a Church Hat? I would like to say not! I am no theologian perhaps though the religious sects may want it to be easier to join the congregation rather than be custom bound.

Please weigh in everybody and let me have your views.

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